Carnival make-up for your costume

Discover the best Carnival make-up for your costume and complete your look in the most original way! You can turn into your favourite character with a touch of make-up and some characterizing accessories. Get dressed up for Halloween, add some false wounds, a bit of liquid latex, a good make-up foundation for the costume, a bit of blood and... voilá! Your zombie, vampire, clown or Catrina costume will be perfect with the best Halloween make-up. Do you already have your costume for the party? We are sure that with some good Carnival make-up you will shine at the costume party. You could become the Joker, a cruel pirate, an adorable kitten, turn into Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy or the really blue Jake Sully from Avatar. At Funidelia you will find all kinds of the best quality costume make-up, suitable for sensitive skin. Make-up that is water-based , cream-based, "glow in the dark" so that you shine in the darkness, make-up pencils and even coloured chalk for you to do up your hair and dye it the colour you need for it to match your costume, without worrying about ruining your hairstyle. We also have many accessories for you to dress up in so that your make-up and accessories will both be spectacular: false eyelashes, characterising prosthetics, glitter, false blood and wounds and whiteheads to really look like the living dead and scare everyone. Remember, eyeshadow here and there... and get the Carnival make-up that's perfect for your costume!
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