Make-up and face paint for Halloween

Boo! Your most terrifying Halloween make-up! Blood, latex, wounds and prosthetics for the most horrifying terror make-up for your costume! What will be your make-up for Halloween, the scariest night of the year? Have you chosen your Halloween costume yet? Will you be a The Walking Dead style zombie with a decaying face and lots of blood? A vampire with long bleeding fangs? A monster like Frankenstein full of wounds and prosthetics? A Halloween Catrina skull? A werewolf with lots of fur? Or will you be an assassin from a series such as Freddie Krueger, Jason from Friday 13th or Michael Myers? At Funidelia you will find all the ideas for your Halloween make-up! Essentials to choose your Halloween make-up we recommend liquid latex bottles which will help you to make your own wounds or complete your outfit with prosthetics to bring the character to life and to be able to complete any terrifying make-up that you can think of, such as zombie make-up which always triumphs during Halloween. Buy the most horrifying Halloween make-up now for the scariest night of the year!
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