Minecraft Stuffed Toys

The softest pixelated world ever! These Minecraft stuffed toys will immerse you in the building game in a fun way. You won’t be able to stop squeezing them! These stuffed toys are the perfect collector’s item for true fans of the game. Minecraft is a game based on blocks, with a pixelated appearance. The objective is to build objects in an infinite world in which no two objects can be the same. As the game progresses, you’ll run into some good creatures and other spooky ones, like skeletons and zombies. These Minecraft stuffed toys represent several of the game’s characters: a wolf, a chicken, a snow Golem, a pig, Creeper, the zombie pig man, a skeleton, or Enderman, the dark being with long limbs. And, if you still haven’t looked at our Minecraft merchandise, beware: you’ll want them all!


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