Костюми Бетдівчина

Who said that Gotham is the city of superheros and villans? There are also great superheroines and villainesses! And we have a wide selection of Batman costumes for you here to prove it. When Batman and Robin aren't capable of defending the city, it's his friend Batgirl's turn! At Funidelia you will find a wide array of Batgirl costumes, from classics to the most spectacular ones like Grand Heritage. But if you would prefer to be on the dark side of justice and create a bit of chaos and make life impossible for Gotham's masked heros, we also have the perfect women's Batman costume for you: Catwoman fancy dress costumes, different looks for Harley Quinn and for plant protectors like Doctor Pamela Isley, Poison Ivy costumes. So, you know what you have to do, find a partner or start convincing your friends because for the next Carnival, Halloween or costume party... it'll be Batman costume time!

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