Халати & Домашні тапочки Зоряні війни

If you have always wanted to know what Darth Vader wears at home or how Chewbacca feels when we has a shower... you are a lot closer to finding out thanks to these Star Wars bath robes. We have the most fun bath robes in the whole galaxy: Yoda's bath robe, Darth Vader's, Jedi bath robes and even Chewie's. They are so comfy and soft that even the darkest sith will melt wearing one of these Star Wars bath robes. We have some of the coolest Star Wars clothes that you will triumph in any corner of the galaxy. At Funidelia you will also find the most original Star Wars merchandise and gifts to give to any galactic saga super fan. Join the comfy and smooth side of the galaxy with our Star Wars bath robes!


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