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If you are suspicious of muggle's wizards and your favourite colour is green... it's clear that your Hogwarts house is Slytherin. Discover all the Slytherin merchandise and products at Funidelia to give to an authentic "pure blood". Ties, Harry Potter wands, tunics, mugs, scarves, Slytherin T-Shirts... any many more Harry Potter gifts for fans. Show them that not all the Slytherin students are are dark wizards! Astuteness, intelligence, pride and honour are some of the qualities every Slytherin should possess. We know that you meet all the criteria without having received your admission letter to Hogwarts. So, wait no longer and buy the Slytherin merchandise you need from Funidelia to start your next course.

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Товари для дому

  • Слизерин Термос - Гаррі Поттер
    Офіційний товар
    Включає: 355ml термос виготовлений з ізоляційного пластика з гумовою основою нескользкой. Не підходить для посудомийної машини або мікрохвильової печі
    590 грн.

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