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If you have a brave and noble heart, if your favourite animal is a lion and your favourite colours are scarlet and gold... there is no doubt in the world that you are into Gryffindor. So you will love our Gryffindor merchandise when you see it. From the mythical Gryffindor scarf to bath robes, from mugs to T-Shirts, from wands to Funko dolls and from ties to capes and Harry Potter tunics. A wide selection of Gryffindor and Hogwarts gifts for you to give to an authentic Harry Potter fan. We are sure that with these Gryffindor merchandise items not even the "Fat Lady" portrait will be suspicious of you and will let you enter problem free in the Gryffindor Dining Hall at Hogwarts. Remember the password "Caput Draconis!" and if that doesn't work... you can always try the "Alohomora!" spell with your Elder wand.

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Товари для дому

  • Офіційний товар

    237 грн. До цього 390 грн.
  • Гріффіндор Термос - Гаррі Поттер
    Офіційний товар
    Включає: 355ml термос виготовлений з ізоляційного пластика з гумовою основою нескользкой. Не підходить для посудомийної машини або мікрохвильової печі
    590 грн.

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